Experience and evidence-based approach with tangible results


We go beyond simple tactics and tricks. We offer you training, strategies and consulting that is feasible, practical, and gives results. We’ve even created and trained client’s in-house design and product management task force teams.

Product and design strategy

As Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek puts it, “design can provide a tactical advantage by delivering a powerful brand message”. We know that design and research are used to identify new opportunities, to generate ideas for new products and services and to fuel innovation. They drive and demonstrate a company’s vision and improve its market position.

We create design strategies, a design language and guidelines that will ensure your success. We get to know your culture and expectations and with your business goals firmly in mind, we deliver a highly tailored product and design strategy. One that works.


Content strategy

Your website serves an important purpose: putting across vital information to your visitors. Most often, that information is in the form of written content.

Logically, you want that content to work for you, and to work hard. You need it to bring you business; it’s important that it reflects well on you. It must be up-to-date, professional, and encourage people to read – and buy – your products and services. We’ll work with you to identify your audience and define the key messages you should be sending them. Together we’ll create an infrastructure and long-term communications timetable that will get results.


Social media strategy

Here are the facts: over 1.2 billion people are on Facebook, over 500 million on Twitter. More than 48 hours’ worth of video is uploaded on YouTube every minute, and about 300 million users are on LinkedIn. People like talking and sharing their experiences online. They are looking for ways to share their feelings, ideas and suggestions about you, your products and services.

As The Cluetrain Manifesto states “Markets are conversations”. We will create a social media strategy that will get you into that conversation, track it, report it and get the most out of it. Let’s talk to your users!


Consulting and training

We provide consulting services in the design and development of digital products and services. When you need dedicated support, we'll work with you closely in the role and project phase of your choosing briefly or long term according to your requirements.

If your team needs an introduction to – or refresher course in – user-centred design, usability, conversion optimisation or anything related to UX design we can provide tailored in-house training. We’ll even help you create and train your own in-house task force.


Our web and mobile app development process

Client Brief

The initial step to take would be to have a meeting between Damogram and the client party involved. This would essentially include talks about the app, and brainstorming sessions about its design, usability and the time and budget constraints. Again, this meeting could be done in person or on the phone/chat as per the clients fancy.

Content & Materials Gathering:

Here the Scope of Work is created; all content, assets, and images are gathered; additionally access to any necessary databases is obtained

Wireframe Creation:

Black & white depictions of your app are created, including the placement of text and images; the overall flow of your app is designed as well

Application Design:

We build the skin for you app, what it will look like, what fonts will be used, and what graphics will be displayed.

Development & Integration:

Damogram’s development team work on the creation of your app, build hooks to any necessary databases, integrate web services, & perform rigourous testing

Project Sign-off, Launch, & Marketing:

Once all is set with your app, Damogram helps to make sure your app is successfully launched, as well as create & execute a marketing plan to promote your app

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